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Furniture Restyling

Restyling...sometimes it is advantageous

If you purchased a good quality kitchen, but with the passing of time you think it is a little bit old-fashioned or the household appliances must be replaced, the top is damaged and some doors are dented, it is not necessary to replace the entire kitchen, excellent restyling can be carried out.

Sometimes it is sufficient to change its colour with new re-lacquering, install recent household appliances and a last generation top to change the "look" of your pieces of furniture, and the cost will be surely lower.

The aforesaid modifications can also be carried out in case of move, by also adding and modifying some elements to adapt the kitchen to the new premises.

It goes without saying that restyling activities can also be carried out in wardrobes, living rooms, children bedrooms and any other piece of furniture that needs

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