• Founders F.lli Bordoni in 1922


Lilea Design is “furnishing made to measure”, the best concept to understand our Company. 
The long-term experience allowed us to understand that the houses furnished by us have always something unique and thrilling, where the Customers express their own personal lifestyle. 

Within our offices and laboratory, history - not only is told - but is lived, together with new technology and innovation: you can still see the machinery of the past that made the history of our Company. 

Product quality is assured by the long-term experience of the Company, which boasts more than 90 years of activity and the will to use top-quality materials all the time: they can be seen when the purchase is done and while processing the purchased product, an opportunity that cannot be implemented in normal reselling shops. 

Our product is manufactured at the factory and is directly sold without intermediaries; this way, Customers have a direct relationship with the manufacturer and can directly address their requests and obtain immediate answers. 

Buying “made to measure” products from us also means: 
- opportunity to choose out of the normal standards thanks to special finishings, unique combinations that customise the product; 
- increasing the quality of their lives by purchasing a product that is a complement to their own style; 
- saving because a made-to-measure product will not age and is forever; 
- purchasing an Italian product.