• Loft - Quadrilocale Soggiorno su Misura Varese

Loft - Living room for a four-roomed flat

Building according to the furnishings you want

Many people dream of living in a flat that was customised according to their needs

Our Varese-based Customers achieved their dream thanks to this amazing loft, which was specifically designed and realised to meet their wishes and needs.

It was entirely designed by architects Gianluca Planca, Sonia Frulla and Liliana Martinelli who alternated in designing the rooms, the false ceilings with the lights, and the furnishings.

Their priority was to give prominence to the needs and the tastes of the Customers, offering solutions that fit their personality and purposes.

As far as the furnishings are concerned, unique finishings were selected, which differ from the usual sales proposals on the market, and coming from the most renowned raw-material suppliers.

Every room was specifically designed and realised to make it completely compliant with the requests of the Customers, according to their habits and priorities.

Also the living room/entrance meet the shades that were selected for the entire house, and are supplemented with wall-mounted items around pillars and niches not to use the space, thus leaving large passages and open areas.

The TV furniture, along the entire wall that is coated with the same material of the parquet, is characterised by different heights and depths, which make it light, but at the same time roomy. Connected furniture to furnish the entrance area surrounds the curved pillars.

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