Thema Durmast Kitchen

The central island for open spaces is the most desirable made-to-measure solution

A wall of equipped columns with ovens, refrigerator and larders on the bottom, as well as a central island unit that divides the space from the living room.

A central larder opens in the furniture by mans of retractable doors, thus leaving a free passage and allowing to comfortably work in front of the built-in worktop, which was specifically wired and lighted for the purpose.

The Lavido extractable column is a must and it is used for dishes, household appliances and any other items.

The island unit is well equipped with roomy baskets for pots and a large worktop that can also be used as a table, when needed.

The two areas are divided by the stainless-steel raceway, which is equipped with chopping boards and multipurpose trays.

Excellent decision to use the Falmec hood, which has the same length of the island unit and is an effective furnishing accessory.

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