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Attic Furnishing

In this sequence of photos, you can perceive the way made-to-measure furnishing is conceived even before finishing the premises.

In the first photo, the entire width of the attic is shown, including a bearing metal beam, while the following photos show the completed furnishing.

The partition wall is a large wardrobe with doors that open in the direction of the bedroom and a sliding door to access the room.

The back of the wardrobe is entirely panelled to obtain a “wall” effect, which is completed on the side with other shelving units.

This system, which is innovatory in its genre, allows creating rooms by using pieces of furniture instead of brick walls that are difficult to remove in case of following changes or renovations.

On the contrary, wardrobes or the multipurpose partition walls are easy to modify or displace in case of new needs; they take up less space and, at economic level, they eliminate the cost of the wall.

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