• Xera - Made-to-measure functionality
  • Xera - Made-to-measure functionality
  • Xera - Made-to-measure functionality

Xera Full Color

Made-to-measure functionality

XERA kitchen version made with Full laminate, completely white colour which reflects the light of the gorgeous veranda overlooking the golf course.

“Porcellanosa” white surface with the addition of plate-rack and sponge trays.

Furthermore, the tailored Xera kitchen was designed to better exploit the spaces at disposal thanks to ad hoc accessories and appliances, designed one by one according to the needs of the people who will then live it, allowing the available space to be cosy and efficient at the same time.

It is characterised by peculiar household appliances: from the steam oven to the MIELE wine fridge, to the NEFF teppanyaki hob, everything to complete a kitchen which is characterised by significant volumes and accessories.

Wooden kitchen snack bar to recall the environment of the Piedmont’s country area.

Transparent KARTELL lamp and stools to avoid a too strong colour impact.

Behind, the laundry room with SAMSUNG washing machine and washer-dryer, which is visible from the kitchen, with the same colours and finishes for perfect comfort and completeness of the premises.

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