• Thema - Made-to-measure furnishing
  • Thema - Made-to-measure furnishing
  • Thema - Made-to-measure furnishing


Essential and modern

Thema is a kitchen model with peninsular area, specifically conceived to adapt to a house characterised by modern and functional furnishing.

Its lines are squared and simple, ideal to adapt to the spaces, also very small, of a modern living room, and elegantly coat it in a practical way to obtain an additional side thanks to the solution of the peninsula. By means of the aforesaid additional side, it also creates an ideal division for the coking area, which is positioned inside an open-space living room.

Its modern style derives from its glossy lacquered finishing, which is available in a very wide range of colours, matched with chromium-plated accessories with essential lines and open wooden components that create a sufficient contrast to give warmth.

The cover of the top is made with satin glass, extremely easy to clean and pleasant to the sight; it gives a modern look to the entire area, typical of steel and glass combination.

The top is made with laminated “solidtop”, which is manufactured to last in time, differently from classic wooden tops.

The last feature of this modern and essential kitchen with peninsular area is represented by the choice to combine FRANKE household appliances, which have a modern and essential aesthetic taste and go perfectly well with the environment created by the Thema kitchen.

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