• Tess - Design Kitchen
  • Tess - Design Kitchen
  • Tess - Design Kitchen
  • Tess - Design Kitchen


Design meets practicality

Definite, rigorous lines, strong colours and modern shapes: these elements make Tess a design kitchen with modern and determined character.

The combination of coloured glass doors with the warmth of wood grains, in its different types, creates a pleasant contrast that attracts the attention of aesthetes.

Baskets and drawers with soft locks make it a highly safe and, at the same time, functional kitchen, extending its beauty and sturdiness of all its mechanisms in time.

All elements of the Tess kitchen are modern and rigorous: it was created to combine the current needs of aesthetic taste with the available space; it can be manufactured in a very wide range of colours and finished with a modern quartz top, which is functional and pleasant to the sight, easy to match with the selected colours.

In addition, this particular design kitchen can be perfectly integrated into the surrounding space, thanks to the creation of made-to-measure furnishing accessories: sideboards, consoles, shelves, wall units... made with the same materials and colours that were selected for the Tess kitchen.

A perfect solution to give the idea of a functional space integrated into modern living rooms with open cooking area, just to give continuity to house premises.

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