• Partner - Highly accessible kitchen
  • Partner - Highly accessible kitchen
  • Partner - Highly accessible kitchen


The highly accessible kitchen

Partner is a kitchen that was specifically created to meet the needs of disabled people.

Maximum safety with the induction cooktop, the oven that is perfectly insulated thanks to the three-glass protection of the door, the drawers and the doors with soft lock, ideal for the people with particular difficulties of movement within the space of the kitchen.

Furthermore, maximum accessibility to all parts: from the cooktop and the sink, which can be accessed and used also by sitting in a wheelchair thanks to the lowered work top, up to the wall units that lower thanks to specific mechanisms, so that everything is handy also for the people who cannot stand up.

Every Partner kitchen is specifically designed around the people who will live it, to meet all their needs, so that all components are always usable in an extremely easy way, also for the people who have limitations imposed by physical disability.

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