• Kiss - Made-to-measure functionality
  • Kiss - Made-to-measure functionality
  • Kiss - Made-to-measure functionality

Kiss Patagonia

Kiss Ptagonia is the new kitchen model that was created, and especially studied, for the new needs of contemporary life.
People ask us for practicality not only for cleaning purposes, but also to organise their kitchen, and so we planned tough and roomy containers, which are easy to access and take out.

The materials are practical and not too breakable, so the kitchen is always tidy and perfect. The Kiss module also adapts to open spaces: the kitchen and the living-room form a single large room that is coordinated and finished with the same colours and details to obtain a space that is characterised by elegant and functional components.

Kiss, which is offered in various combinations of colours and wood effects, is manufactured pursuant to the standards of a high-end kitchen by using the best hardware on the market, thus aligning it to renowned designers, but having the unique and valuable features of a “tailored” kitchen.

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