• Kei - Kitchen with Island
  • Kei - Kitchen with Island


All around an island

Kei was designed as a kitchen with island: it was conceived to revolve around a central detached space that is used as a work area, but also as an accessory, an element that gives continuity to the open cooking area inside an open-space living room.

A central island that is used as a bench, provided with stools, but at the same time also as a coking area and functional work top to better exploit the available space and obtain an additional outfitted work space. It has to be designed with specific connections installed under floor or inside an outfitted column; the particular structure of the Key kitchen makes its island a central meeting point for the entire family: you can cook the dinner, but also eat in there.

Its simple and modern lines make it easy to be integrated within any type of furnishing without making the room dull, perfect to overlook a living room or inside an open space.

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