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Kitchen Accessories

Making a kitchen efficient

The space in the kitchen seems to be never enough and the one you have at disposal, sometimes, seems inaccessible; for this reason, when we design it, we emphasize kitchen accessories, which must be offered according to the spaces to be used.

Generally speaking, the most critical point to be exploited is the corner of the kitchen, which is usually tooled with a simple shelf that does not takes advantage of the space and even makes it inaccessible.
On the contrary, we offer streamlined systems to make space accessible, such as:

  • Le mans trays, which are completely removable from the base;
  • the Magic corner, a forward-movement system that obtains 4 completely accessible shelves;
  • the Magic corner Avant thanks to a play of forward movements and joints, completely pulls out the shelves from the base;
  • the pull-out angular column becomes a roomy sideboard beside an additional work top for small household appliances: who would not want to hide the slicing machine or the food processor, but at the same time have it always ready for use? Thanks to our columns, it is possible.

We can free work surfaces by installing the sink or a corner cooktop in a corner of the kitchen; the best cooktops being currently on the market, which offer the aforesaid solutions, are manufactured by FRANKE e FOSTER.

Space can be multiplied by exploiting a simple shelved column with a tooled Tandembox system, with double-extraction trays that allow accessing the deepest part of the column. This way, you will never find expired products any more in the bottom of the sideboard!

Other useful kitchen structures include pull-out trolleys: from the bread bin with the cotton bag to preserve bread freshness, to the bottle holder, including the basket to transport the bottles, to the can holders…one for every need!

Finally, also maximum safety is granted in the kitchen thanks to the trolley for detergents, which is locked and must be installed under the sink to keep hazardous products away from children.

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